Monday, March 14, 2011

Trying to Settle Down: Quick Hts

I haven't done a "Quick Hits" post in a while, so I decided that today is a good day for it, due to all of the story lines surrounding UK and UofL going into the tournament.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the debacle of the Florida 2 seed and the 3 seed snub of Kentucky and Louisville for teams like Syracuse and Purdue. I guess playing winning basketball at the end of the year is no longer important to the selection committee.

  • Coach Cal was, in a word, pissed that UK was a 4 seed. He was UBER-pissed when he learned that Florida was a 2. So angry that he got up and walked out of his living room where he was watching the selection with his team, Mitch Barnhardt and Lee Todd. Cal stated that he thinks that the committee had to choose either Florida or UK for the 2 seed and picked Florida despite Kentucky winning 8 out of their last 9, 6 in a row and winning the conference tournament. Check out all he said in the video at the top.
  • Calipari also went on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and discussed how his team should be a 3 seed with all they accomplished.
  • Despite the crappy seeding, the Cats are being looked at as possible spoilers for Ohio State. Pat Forde lists Kentucky as one of his 7 teams that can win it all; Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated has the Cats upsetting the Buckeyes due to the overwhelming talent of Kentucky, their defense and the run they are enjoying; and Eric Angevine of CBS Sports also sees the Cats as a Dark Horse in the tournament and he really likes them getting to the Final Four.
  • The positive for the team that I can see coming out of this is motivation as an underdog. Surprisingly the Cats have played very well this year while being overlooked. They were picked to lose against Florida this weekend, picked to lose against Tennessee in Knoxville, picked to lose against Louisville and picked to lose against Washington. I can really see this team getting a chip on their shoulder's: Enter DeAnder Liggins...
  • "We are hot right now going into the tournament, so I don't care about no seed." DeAndre, you are the man.
  • All this talk about Ohio State is great and all, but the Cats need to beat Princeton and then, more than likely, a frustrating, scrappy, annoying, West Virginia Fighting Joe Mazualla team. I'll save my words for them if it gets that far.
  • Louisville is in a similar position as Kentucky. I feel the Cards were good enough for a 3 seed and drew a possible trap against in-state squad Morehead State. MSU has a second team All-American and NBA lottery pick playing center for them. If the Cards beat them, then they get Vanderbilt or Richmond. Both teams are good, both teams can shoot, both teams can beat Louisville. And IF they beat either of those team, they most likely will face Kansas, a team in my opinion that should be the favorite to win the whole thing.
  • In sad news, John Pelphry was fired from Arkansas. Nobody fires an Unforgettable. It's on now, Razorbacks.
  • Happy Birthday to Patrick Patterson!!!
  • The final USA Today Poll was released today and had the Cats at #10, the Cards at #11, Syracuse at #12, Purdue at #13 and Florida at #15. And I just threw up in my mouth.

Enjoy the rest of this bleak, dreary, rainy day in Louisville, Kentucky. The sun will be shining bright starting Thursday and on through the weekend. I feel that is a good omen for the Boys in Blue and, yes, even for the Dirty Birds.

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