Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laissez les bon temps Roulez! UK Mardi Gras Edition

It's Mardi Gras today kids, that's Fat Tuesday for all you non-Frenchies, and while every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday for Boogiewoogie (I kid Boogie, we all know it's just newly wed weight) today is special. We celebrate tonight and fast tomorrow for the Lenten season begins and it's time to give something up. Let us begin and let the good times roll - that's laissez les bon temp roulez!

Celebration: King of the Float - Rick Pitino. The dude has gone from the outhouse throne to the one inside the Yum! Castle. He's overachieved with one "of the worst teams in his tenure" and has his Card Nation - I laugh hysterically to write that - energized. While you might have to wear gloves to do so, you have to give a hand to Rick after the crazy off season involving hair brushes, leather booths, and a quick 15 seconds of infamy.

Show us your... Wins. I'm throwing beads to the way the Wildcats finished their season. Winning three straight against the creme of the SEC crop (as bad as it might be) is a great way to end on a high note and gain momentum going into the post-season. A stellar road victory at Tennessee this past weekend and the easiest draw you could have asked for in the SEC Tournament has paved the way to a #3 seed in the Dance.

Masquerade Ball - Look, I'm as impressed as anyone with the way Louisville has played this season but let's face it, the mask came off this past weekend. Their luck of hitting last second acrobatic shots and getting meltdowns by the opposition came to an end. With a 5 point lead and 30 seconds to play, the Cards missed free throws, gave up two 3s and made one of the worst fouls I've ever seen. For the senior Knowles to foul 85 feet away, sending a player to the free throw line with .6 seconds was horrid. Luck is what you need in March, not in January.

Time to give something up for Lent - Losses it is! . For 40 days fasting is expected. That means one large meal on Ash Wednesday and no meat on Friday. If you're really good, you will sacrifice something outside of the pepperoni on your pizza come tip off on Friday. If you're Kentucky, I would suggest giving up losing. Freshmen have played the entire season and are closer to Sophomores at this time. Valuable lessons should be learned and eliminated. Recent successes should be raised and highlighted while setbacks minimized. If Kentucky can make it 40 more days without a loss, they'll be repeat SEC champions and National Champions at the same time. Sure, you won't be able to eat pepperoni pizza on Friday . Kentucky can make it the next 40 days without losing, they will not only be the back-to-back SEC champions but National Champions as well.

Celebrate tonight and take time tomorrow because you'll need your rest - March Madness in the Southeastern Conference begins Thursday and it begins for Cats Friday at 3:30!

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