Monday, March 28, 2011

Beware of Haterism

With all the hoopla and joy surrounding the Wildcats trip to the Final Four, there are always going to be haters.

Some of these haters come in the form of Louisville fans, some come in the form of "journalists" and some come in the form of an ex-UK coach that is now sitting in Miami, Fla. thinking of what could have been.

Here are some common things that you may see in print, on television, in the blogosphere or hear in person:

1. Congrats to coach Calipari for earning his first Final Four.
2. This is the weakest Final Four ever. VCU and Butler? Really?
3. Kentucky has been the luckiest team in the bracket.
4. The Wildcats are sure getting their money's worth with those players that they pay.
5. UConn will beat them. They can't stop Kemba Walker.
6. Don't worry, this will be vacated in a few years.
7. Our team beat two of the teams in the Final Four already.
8. I don't care about basketball anymore, it's time for football. Joker Phillips sucks!
9. If our best player would not have gotten hurt we would be in the Final Four too.
10. UK isn't really that good. The field in the tournament was really weak this year.

Worry not Cats fans! Hold your head high, keep a smile on your face and remind yourself that John Calipari has been at UK for two seasons and has already gone to an Elite Eight and a Final Four. These Cats have a chance to win an eighth championship for your favorite team and there isn't anything anybody can say or do to change that. And you need to rub it in every chance you can.

Go Cats! Beat UConn!!!

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