Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Know Your Enemy: The Princeton Tigers

During the duration of the NCAA tournament I will be posting the new "Know Your Enemy" segment. "Know Your Enemy" if a fantastic song made famous by Communist/Socialist sympathizer rockers Rage Against the Machine. Regardless of your political affiliations, they rock.

Let's all hope that the Wildcats can make a DEEP run through the bracket so I can continue posting this awesome segment.

Random Thought: How awesome is it that Rick Pitino's first opponent is Morehead? Isn't that what got him in trouble in the first place? HEY NOW!

Princeton Tigers:

Location- Princeton, New Jersey. Duh!

Enrollment- 7,494

Famous Alumni- John F. Kennedy, Woodrow Wilson, Aaron Burr, Queen Noor of Jordan, Russell Crow, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Superman, Mulder from the X Files and Tony Soprano. Not James Gandolfini, the character in the show because he is from Jersey.

School Motto- "Hey, I from Joisey! Are you Friggin kiddin me?"

All You Need to Know About Princeton- You can actually find watching the musical "Jersey Boys"

Things They Tell Recruits-

  • Two out of three seasons of Jersey Shore were actually filmed in New Jersey

  • None of the Bush family went here. They all went to Yale.

  • We have a lower suicide rate than Harvard

  • That garbage that you smell isn't the school, it's the way the entire state smells

  • We have mob ties so if you don't come here we will fu*$in' whack you

Most Famous Sports Moment-

Reasons Why Kentucky Will Beat Them on Thursday:

  • Kentucky is more athletic

  • A Wildcat can actually physically beat a Tiger. Don't believe me? Ask science

  • UK's alumni isn't as smart but they have Ashley Judd

  • They have the mob but UK's rifle team are national champions, so that kinda balances out the whole deal

  • John Calipari looks like he could play a part in the "Jersey Boys" musical

And there you have it. An accurate and non-biased look at Kentucky's opponent on Thursday.

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