Saturday, March 5, 2011

All Roads Clear for the Cats

John Calipari: "Did you get a free bowl of soup with that jacket? It looks good on you though."

With Georgia's loss at Alabama this afternoon the Cats can clinch a first round bye and the #2 seed in the SEC tournament with a win at Tennessee tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. Obviously the story lines are huge:

  • How will Bruce Pearl and the Vols react to the possibility of this being Pearl's last home game as UT's head coach? There have been rumblings that the players are not happy with Pearl and that he has lost his team.

  • The road games. The effing road games. The Cats have one road win in the SEC this year against South Carolina. Everybody now knows the level of the teams that UK lost to and that level is crap. This is the last chance for the Cats to prove that they can win a true road test in the SEC.

  • The bye in the SEC tournament is huge. This will give the Cats a chance to rest a very slim roster and it will give the team some swagger and confidence.

  • Cal Vs. Pearl. Need I say more?

  • We all hate the Volunteers. The Cats blew the doors off the flunkies in that gawdy orange in Rupp Arena and a win in Knoxville will give us more ammo to use against UT. And it gives us another chance to feel better about our football team's performances against them for the past 20 plus years.

The Cats control their own destiny and it is up to them to set the tone for the upcoming second season. They are coming off of back to back huge home wins against two of the best teams in the SEC. Ranked teams, no less. Are we Wildcats or are we mice? Let's go ruin senior day for those punk ass snitches.

Go Cats.

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