Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cats 62-Buckeyes 60

Sullinger will have nightmares about this in the NBA

Monster Mash and I just had one helluva time watching the Cats win in downtown Louisville, the belly of the beast.

I have just a few short things before I hit the sack.
  • Josh Harrellson just played lottery pick Jared Sullinger to a draw. Jorts continues to amaze in this tournament. With his hard nosed rebounding and budding offensive game, the sky is the limit.
  • Liggins took over in the second half. He shut down Aaron Craft and did not allow him to run the Ohio State offense. He also added 15 points.
  • John Diebler? I raise you one Brandon Knight. He does it again. This kid is going places.
The game is set for a 5:05 tip off on Sunday against North Carolina. The Cats lost to them by 2 earlier this at the Dean Dome. Here is how the Cats have fared in revenge games:

Game 2 and 3 after losing to Florida: Wins
Game 2 after losing to Alabama: Win
Game 2 after losing to Ole Miss: Win
Game 2 after losing to Georgia: Win
Game 2 after losing to Vanderbilt: Win

Uh-Oh Tarheels.

More tomorrow including Know Your Enemy. Go Cats!!! Party in the USA!! JORTS!


  1. I changed the image, it seemed much more suitable and gave me a GREAT reason to post this pic.


  2. I am perfectly fine with it. Notcie that he is making the same face as the Preston dunk.