Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cats are Underdogs

Watch a couple of nerds that look like they never picked up a basketball pick Ohio State to beat Kentucky. Not only do they look like they never played basketball, they must never watch it either. The one major reason that they pick Ohio State to win is depth.

They fail to mention that Ohio State only plays 7 guys, like Kentucky. They also go on to say that if Jones and Harrellson are in foul trouble that the Cats are done. I can't disagree, but again they fail to mention that Ohio State doesn't have much to replace Sullinger if he gets in foul trouble.

In some more UK underdog news, Las Vegas has the Cats at 14/1 to win the whole tournament. They have the sixth best odds behind (in order) Kansas, Ohio State, Duke, North Carolina and UConn.

Keep on picking against the Cats. Just like the SEC Championship game.

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