Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kentucky Blows Out Princ...Wait a Minute

Noway to I want this guy's dream season to end. Get your Jorts on.

So. That. Just. Happened. The Wildcats outlasted a very feisty, calculated, smart Princeton team to win by two in the first game of the tournament season in Tampa. I really thought the Cats would roll in this one, considering our winning streak and current margin of victory/points per game.

So WTF, man?

  • Princeton dictated the pace and did what they wanted to do. The game was slowed to a crawl and it was half court offense vs. half court offense. Kentucky won the battle because of A). Athletic ability and B). Jorts would not be denied. Princeton's game plan was executed to perfection, the Cats just came out on top.

  • Brandon, Knight, Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb combined for 17 points. Knight and Jones average 17 points a piece. Our three freshmen showed their youth for really the first time all season. The big stage coupled with a disciplined opponent equalled bad times. I don't expect this to happen again.

  • Knight only had two, but they were the biggest two of the game.

  • Miller killed it in the first half and was the primary reason the Cats were ahead. 17 points makes this the 11th straight double digit effort by the Maysville native.

  • Freakin' Jorts BABY!!! 15 and 10 is only second to the Louisville "We Just Lost to Morehead" Cardinals beat down. He doesn't want his career to end.

  • Liggins had some key assists and hit the three to put the Cats ahead at half time. Liggins played his best ball in the second half.

  • Thank goodness for the win. Next...

I am hoping that this is the off game that Kentucky experiences in the tournament. Better now than against top quality opponents. I do not expect Brandon Knight, who has been brilliant all season, to only have two points in the next game.

That being said, I cannot be happier with the effort from the upperclassmen. Miller, Harrellson and Jorts all gave their max effort and were rewarded for the effort.

Now, let's put it all together like in the SEC tournament and let's make a run.

Know Your Enemy will be up tomorrow. West Virginia style. You know it's gonna be good.

Go Cats.

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