Thursday, March 24, 2011

Popping the Buckeye: What is it?

THE Ohio State University is on the menu for tomorrow. Here's my issue, what is a Buckeye?

By Merriam BoogieWebster's Dictionary:
A Buckeye is the name of any tool that uses the article "THE" in front of a university name. 
Used in a sentence: To hang a Buckeye correctly, use a hook and put it next to the screwdriver on the wall. 
Orgin: Latin
Pronunciation: (bk
Alternative Pronunciation: ((bk me hard in de arse)

By Monster Mash's Account:
A Buckeye (ˈbək-ˌī) is the nut filled chocolate candy put into someones mouth and consumed on special events.
Used in a sentence: Rick Pitino gave Karen Sypher a Buckeye for Christmas in the back of Porcini's, that neither will ever forget.
Origin: Italian
Pronunciation: (oH-my-Gawd)
Alternative Pronunciation: (dat' tay-st gewd)

Urban Dictionary's version can't be printed, but it's halarious.
Used in a sentence: Sully is going to get his Buckeye popped by Jorts tomorrow!

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