Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ole Miss: Revenge It Is

You should know by now that the Cats are playing Ole Miss in a revenge game tomorrow at 3:30. The Cats lost by 2 to the Rebels in Mississippi earlier this year during UK's road funk. Now it's time to exact a little revenge.

Here is some extra motivation. The Rebs are already talking major smack:

"I'm the best basketball player in the SEC. DeAndre Liggins ain't nothin' but a punk. I put that three in the eye of the whole Big Blue Nation. I also hate baby seals. I also hate the singer Seal."-Chris Warren

"If we beat Kentucky again, I am going to get a cab in Lexington, hopefully one driven by a minority, and pee in the backseat. I will then berate the minority cab driver, whom I hope is Turkish wash out Enes Kanter. He might as well drive a cab, he can't play basketball. I will be drunk while doing all of this."- Head Coach Andy Kennedy

"I'm a white kid that never gets in the game. Kinda like Jon Hood. The difference is that I am not some over hyped top 50 recruit. I know I suck. When are you going to wake up and smell the white-out, Jon? You and the Big Blue Nation should realize you are garbage. Kentucky bred garbage at that! LOL!" (He actually said "lol" verbally)- Will Norman

"I'm gonna punch Josh Harrellson in the face and then burn a pair of Jorts in front of his mother."- Terrance Henry

"I can coach rings around John Calipari and I'm only an assistant! Do me a favor John, draw up a play for me. Pretend you are down by 1 with 4 seconds left on the clock and you are about to inbound from under your basket. What's that? You can't? That's what I thought you Jagoff! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"- Bill Armstrong, Director of Basketball Operations/Assistant Coach

As you can see the Rebels are fired up. Are we ready to play yet?

*The Ole Miss guys never actually said these things. But don't tell John Calipari or the rest of the squad.

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