Saturday, March 26, 2011

Josh Harrellson - Tattoo Artist

I realize that after a heartbreaking loss to the #4 seeded Wildcats, Jared Sullinger said he'd be back next year. He was sad, and stunned. He says he'll return in order to end on a winning note. But my guess is that after the emotions settle, he's back on campus eating Ramen noodles and he's guaranteed by the Clippers that he'll be the #4 pick with a guaranteed 2 year 1.5 million/year contract, his mind will change.

So when he shakes the hand of commissioner David Stern next year in the NBA draft, I just want to look at his Sports Illustrated Diary and read that when he looked at himself in the mirror the morning of, he thanked Josh Harrellson for that Spalding logo imprinted on his chest.

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