Friday, March 18, 2011

NCAA Tourney Fun!

I'm a Kentucky fan and this makes even me depressed when I look at it.

Let's take a gander at some of the headlines coming out of the NCAA tournament so far:

-The biggest upset of the tournament belongs to the Louisville Cardinals losing to the mighty Eagles of Morehead State. After the game, former Cardinal and current All-Star Prick Terrence Williams tweeted the following:

"Hhahaha morehead st what is that? I remember when we played guys like that was scared to look at uson the court man times have changed"
What TWill failed to mention is that his Elite 8 team during his senior year was down to the Eagles by 2 at the half. Yes, Louisville ended up pulling away, but I doubt he was saying garbage like that at half time. It just continues to prove my point that TWill is a jerk, he's always been a jerk and he will alway be a jerk. There was no call for him to bash his former team like that. With friends like that, who needs Karen Sypher?

-Bruce Pearl likely made his curtain call with the Volunteers this afternoon. His 9th seeded Vols were blown out by the 8th seeded Michigan Wolverines. The score was 75-45, yes you read that correctly. I'm not sure when Michigan became a 1 seed and Tennessee became a 16. Tennessee forward Tobias Harris had this to say: "We didn't play with no heart...we basically quit." There had been rumors that Pearl's players had given up on him. Today's performance pretty much proved that.

-Terrence Jones might be sick and not in that cool slang way the kids use. Jones was seen coughing throughout the game and he was coughing while being interviewed afterward. Jones also had cough drops in his locker. Please let in pass before tomorrow.

-Michigan State lost by 3. They were down by 23 points to UCLA and stormed back. I really don't care because I don't think they deserved to be there. It was a classic case of "in by reputation".

-The only big upsets I see left that are possible in the first round are VCU over Georgetown, Georgia over Washington, or Marquette over Xavier. Other than that it might be a pretty uneventful start besides you know who. Then again, something huge can happen. This March. You never know.

-The last thing I have to say is that I wish the announcers, tv analysts and stations would quit referring to this as the second round. I didn't watch any of the garbage pale games Tuesday and Wednesday night for a reason. They sucked. Not one of those teams has advanced and none of them will. Today is the final day of the FIRST ROUND.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I will be somewhere with my brothers in blue watching the Cats exact revenge on Huggie Bear and the Dirty Mountaineers tomorrow at 12:15.

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