Wednesday, March 30, 2011

McDonald's All American Game: News and Notes

"I wanted to win. That's why I am putting this UK hat on instead of a UofL hat."

Tonight is the night we get to preview the future of Kentucky basketball against the best high school players in the country. We have already seen success with Kyle Wiltjer winning the three point contest (I would venture to say he has a better shot than Mike Marra) and with our future Wildcats punking out future Cards Wayne Blackshear and Chane Behanan. The game is at 7:00 p.m. on ESPN. Watch it or do what I did and set your DVR.

  • Here is a fantastic article profiling Brandon Knight. He has straight A's at UK right now, passed up an opportunity to go to a basketball oriented prep school to attend the "Yale of Florida" at Pine Crest and was recruited by both Harvard and the real Yale for basketball and academics. The article said that he might be the only scholar/athlete that literally could have gone to any school he wanted on an academic scholarship or a basketball scholarship. The only negative in the article is that it makes it seem that Knight is for sure NBA bound next season. Say it ain't so!

  • Continuing with the Knight love, I think it is now time to stop the Knight/John Wall comparisons. We all now understand that they are different players with different skill sets. Knight has come in and made his own mark at UK. He broke Wall's freshman scoring record and has had more tournament success. Both are great. Damn it's nice to have debates like this.

  • Cardinal fans continue to whine and cry. That's like saying the sun continues to shine everyday. Monster Mash posted the UK/UofL recruit smack talk video and so did the Cardchronicle. Some of my favorite quotes: "These UK players have no class whatsoever!!!!!"; "Someone should tell Davis his eyebrow is traveling lol"; "Wait til ya'll get booed at Rupp if you have a bad game" (that never happens); "Anthony Davis might be the ugliest person on earth"; "If you combine Anthony Davis and Jon Hood you get Special Ed from Crank Yankers". Louisville fans: You are losers. I guess since your team has been out for 3 weeks that you have to try and brag about next year. Well guess what? The Cats are still playing THIS YEAR. Keep talking trash. Your fan base really has absolutely no reason too. Keep it CLASSY CARDS!

  • Check out the Jorts profile on Sports Center. It's bad ass:

  • Something that is getting basically no attention is Jim Calhoun's NCAA infractions. Everybody is making John Calipari jokes but nobody is taking shots at Calhoun for not compiling the NCAA with information about giving recruit Nate Miles lodging, transportation and meals in order to get him to go to UConn. Calhoun will be suspended for three games next year and UConn will face scholarship reductions. And there are crickets coming from the media and Louisville fans.

Thats all for today. More later in the week with Know Your Enemy and a recap of tonight's game.


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