Monday, March 21, 2011

NCAA Tourney Fun!: Big East/Louisville Fan Hate Edition

No small talk. Let's do this.
  • There has been a ton of Big East bashing going on around the media today and rightfully so. Only 2 out of 11 teams (2 out of 11!) advanced to the Round of 16. Only UConn remains as a high seed. 1. Pitt, 2. Notre Dame, 3. Syracuse and 4. Louisville were all booted by lower seeds this weekend along with some others. Go ahead Big East fans, tell me I'm wrong. You can't prove it.
  • I do like Rick Pitino as a CBS analyst. He and Charles Barkley rarely agree and it makes for hilarious T.V. Sir Charles got another opportunity to laugh at Ricky P as he tried to save face for his conference by guaranteeing a Notre Dame win last night. Much like many of Rick Pitino's ridiculous claims (Mike Marra is the best three point shooter I have ever seen, we will never be out of the top 25 again, I did not have sexual relations with that woman, etc...) he was proven wrong. The fighting Irish were the 9th Big East Bottom Dwellers to go out.
  • Louisville fans had a series of FAILS this weekend. Let's run them down. 1) FAIL: Getting bounced from the first round for the second straight year. This time by 13 seed instate team Morehead State; 2). FAIL: Cheering on West Virginia against Kentucky for the second straight year while watching Brandon Knight and Jorts regulate Nate Dogg Style; 3)FAIL: Watching Morehead State get completely handled by 12 seed Richmond and realizing that they probably would have been beaten by the Spiders too; 4) FAIL: Louisville fans take to their blogs and claim that Morehead State is paying Kenneth Faried. Like Morehead State has that type of money. Everybody that beats Louisville or doesn't go to Louisville is getting paid. This is a broken record that keeps on playing; 5) FAIL: Watching Rick Pitino get schooled by Charles Barkely all weekend while your team sits at home; 6) FAIL: Cheering the Big East to win games and legitimize your conference. I would venture to say that Louisville would struggle in the ACC, Big 10, Big 12 or even the SEC. There I said it. Here is to hoping that they go and buy Buck Eyes merchandise so I can type a big FAIL for that as well.
  • I was rooting for a Duke and North Carolina loss but my hopes were crushed. I am very sad that both of these teams are still balling. Actually, North Carolina is not as bad as Duke. I HATE Duke.
  • I've been talking a ton of Big East smack but I really think UConn has a shot at the Final Four. Kimba Walker is not being denied right now.
  • Don't look now kids but the SEC has the third best winning percentage among the BCS schools with a 57%. The Big East is bringing up the rear, just how Pitino likes it.
  • Schools that I think have a shot to bring it all home: Kansas, Ohio State, Kentucky, Duke and UConn.
  • Don't look now kids but Butler is back.
  • San Diego State is dunzo against UConn.
Check in for more fun today and for "Know Your Enemy" on Thursday. It's my new favorite thing to post. Let's keep it going Cats...


  1. SEC: 3 of your 5 schools lost in the 1st round.

    Big East: 4 of your 11 lost in the 1st round.

    The Big East had 7 teams in the round of 32. The SEC had 2. We had 4 teams playing each other. We had more chances to lose and 2 guaranteed loses. Did anyone expect 11 Big East Schools in the Sweet 16? NO. Most knowledgeable Big East fans don't claim to have the best teams in the nation. We say we are the best conference in the nation. I personally didn't think the Big East had a Final 4 team in the bunch, but I do think the Big East is the best conference in the country still. Considering that the Big East teams that are still alive finished 9th and 11th in the conference (and 1-4 against Louisville) actually shows how deep and good the conference is. The SEC in the tournament only has one win against a team that won more than 20 games (I do not count Prineton for obvious reason). The Big East Conference is by no means overrated. And stop with the comparisons of Big East basketball and SEC football. Football plays no tournament. An SEC football team will never play a solid mid-major that has something to prove in a tournament. The SEC has a 50% chance of getting a championship every year because everyone else doesn't have a legit chance of making it to the game. The whole argument of how many championship games the SEC has won is are the only ones playing for it.

  2. I, nor did anybody else, think that the Big East was going to have 11 teams in the Sweet 16. But in order to justify the conference having 11 teams in, you would think that they would have at least 4 or maybe 5. That would be 36% of the teams. The Big East now has 18% of their teams left. The SEC is at 40% and the rest of the BCS conferences are right around there besides the Big 12.

    If the conference is so deep and good, then why did they lose to 13, 8, 11, 10, 11, seeds? All of the other conferences have the majority of their high seeds left while the ig East has only 1 still playing in the second weekend. The SEC has their two top seeds still playing.

    The Big East is overrated just as it is every year. They beat each other and everybody says wow, they are great. You can't tell me they are the ebst conference when year in and year out every conference fairs better in the tournament.

    And the fact that the Big East had 4 teams playing each other in the first weekend proves my case for me that they had too many teams in the tournament. We watched Big East teams play each other during the regular season for 2 plus months. The tournament is about watching ACC vs. Big 12, Big East vs. SEC, OVC vs. Pac 10, etc...Not Big East vs. Big East. We already saw that.

  3. Apparently not only does the Big East beat up on themselves, but they beat up on every one else too.

    The Big East had the #1 conference RPI, #1 conference SOS, and the #3 conference win percentage. These results are based only on non-conference games. The SEC was #6, #5, and #7 in these same rankings.

    To say the Big East is overrated every year is silly. Over the last 3 years we have had 3 Final 4 teams. The SEC has had none. The SEC hasn't had a team in the Final 4 since Florida. In 2009 the Big East made up half the Final 4 and half the Elite 8. WE ARE EVERYONE'S SUPERBOWL. Based on your logic the Horizon League is the best in the country because they are setting undefeated and 100% of their teams are still playing. Louisville beat all the remaining Horizon League teams by an average of 15 points this year.