Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jorts Vs Sully...

Godzilla vs Mothra. Willis (aka McClain) vs Terrorist. Obama vs Gaddafi (aka Terrorist). Duke vs Kentucky. US vs Sypher. Pitino vs Public Ruin. Rather it is in the air, on the silver screen, in the polls, on the court, in the court room, or in the court of public opinion all of these battles saw one major opponent battle another in epic style and one lose horribly.

This Friday will see Josh "Jorts" Harrellson vs Jared "Sully" Sullinger and it is likely this match up that will set the tempo to the Wildcat success.  

Let's set the backdrop. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Jared Sullinger was the #4 player in the 2010 class according to He was seen as the best Center until he was schooled by Enes Kanter in the Nike Hoop Summit. He averages 17 points and 10 rebounds, leading the Buckeyes in both stats and is tied for second in blocked shots (.5/game). He gets the name recognition, the hype for the 2011 NBA Draft, and Dick Vitale Diaper Dandy award. He is the real deal and he is the main block in the path of the Wildcats second trip in as many years to the Elite 8.

Born in St. Charles, Missouri, Josh Harrellson transferred from Junior College to play for Billy Gillispie. He rode the pine along with equipment managers in a van home from a road game. Last season he saw 12 minutes of SEC action while this year he averages 28 minutes a game. He leads the SEC in offensive rebounds and is playing his best ball of the year with 30 points and 18 rebounds this post season after scoring 28 points all of last year. Filling the roll of ineligible Enes Kanter, Jorts as he is affectionately called, brought thunder to the Blue White game and then the lightning of John Calipari shut his Twitter account down. He fills the middle and the role of Senior leader on a notoriously underclassman lead team and is the key to moving Sullinger from the middle of the paint to the side of the road Kentucky travels to the Final Four.

The Matchup: While Sullinger gets the lights, cameras, Harrellson gets just as much action. Rick Pitino said it best this weekend when he said that Harrellson is the most underrated player at his position in the country. Look for the 6'10 275lbs Jorts to hold his own against the 6'9 280lbs Sully. He is a Senior vs the Freshman. He's seen Renardo Sidney, Tobias Harris, and other hyped stars this year. He played Demarcus Cousins and Patrick Patterson in practice last season. Jorts faced a big man better than Sullinger in Enes Kanter all of this year. So while he didn't play much before this year, he has experience. He will not be scared or intimidated of Sully. In fact, Sully might as well be the fluffy big blue Monster Inc. character, while scary from afar, just cuddly and comfortable up close. Sullinger is no Cousins, he is no Patterson, or Kanter he is just the next opponent. 

What does that mean? Expect Sullinger to see 15 points and 7 rebounds. Expect Harrellson to get 10 points and 8 rebounds.

How is that a win for Kentucky? Jorts can neutralize his size and rebounds. Kentucky's other players outmatch the Ohio State squad by 8-10 points which means the 5 point disadvantage at the low post is made up for at the Guard and Forward spots. If the likes of Lamb, Jones, Miller and Knight appear in this game, good night #1 seed and hello Elite 8.


  1. I am still this some sort of joke? Sullinger will school Josh "concrete feet" Harrellson. Craft will shut down Knight just like so many others have which will leave Jones and Lighty will smother him!

  2. Brian, you are either a Buckeye fan or a Louisville fan. If you are a Buckeye fan then trash talk away, it makes the game more fun.

    But if you are a fan of Duh Ville, then please tell me the points and rebounds Mr. Concrete Feet put on you and please tell me how you felt about Knight Vs. Siva? And what time does your team play Friday?

    Again, if you are a Buckeye fan then you can keep on running it until the clock turns 0:00 on Friday night.

  3. Sullinger won't be stopped but he'll be slowed. He shot 2/12 against Northwestern and only took over in OT... given Jorts stays out of foul trouble, I think he'll be ok against him.