Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cards Vs. Marquette: The Rematch

Everybody remembers what happened. Marquette was up by 18 at the YUUUUMMMMMM!!!! Center with 5 minutes to go. It's in the bag. Not so fast. Louisville charged back and won 70-71. It was a collapse of epic proportions and sent UofL surging into more games decided in crazy fashion and sent Marquette losing close games.

UofL wanted to play West Virginia for some payback after the Cards got hosed this past Saturday. Now Marquette gets the match-up they desired. Coach Buzz Williams said that his team never fully recovered from the loss which explains why a gifted and talented team such as the Golden Eagles lost so many games.

Marquette player Darius Johnson-Odom said after the West Virginia game, "We're going to be very, very happy to play them tomorrow". He was talking about playing the Cardinals.

Louisville would have been better off playing West Virginia. Marquette is more athletic, just as big and can shoot much better. Their pride is on the line and I think Louisville peaked a few games back.

I do believe Louisville's first Big East tournament game might be their last.


  1. Boogiewoogie, do you keep a record of how many wrong predictions you make about this Louisville basketball team?

  2. Marquette sure had an axe to grind against us. And Boogie, your predictions are terrible.