Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Not Impossible

He is mean mugging you Jorts. It's time to get Epic.

We all just learned that the Wildcats will face the number one overall seed Ohio State Buckeyes on Friday. The time has yet to be announced but I am sure it will be around 8 or 9 and will be the marquee game of the evening.

Yes, I know that the Bucks just clobbered the George Mason Patriots 98-66, but this team is not without their weaknesses.

Ohio State's only two losses this year came on the road to Wisconsin 67-71 and to Purdue 76-63. Both of those teams are very good three point shooting teams, like Kentucky. OSU also was pushed to the brink in the Big 10 tournament by Northwestern (67-61 win in OT), Michigan (68-61 win) and Penn State (71-60. that game was close until the very end).

Kentucky needs to defend the three, defend the post, and shoot, shoot, shoot the lights out. OSU played their first two tournament games in Cleveland, Ohio, making them essentially home games. Now the Buckeyes will face a crowd of die-hard UK fans chanting "Go Big Blue" as the game goes on. If the Cats play well early and the crowd gets in it, it will be hard for the Buckeyes to recapture momentum, but if any team can do it, it's them.

I'm not kidding myself. Kentucky is going to have to pretty much play flawless basketball to win. They have to play their best of the season and everybody (Miller, Lamb, Eloy, Liggins, Knight and Jones) will have to contribute. Calipari is going to have to plan to exploit whatever small weakness these Buckeyes have.

I'm already excited for Friday. The Sweet 16 is where I picked this team to finish on this blog at the beginning of the year. I hope they prove me wrong. Anything elese from here on out makes this team legendary.

Go Cats

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