Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wildcats Vs. Alabama Man

Since Monster Mash is in Chicago this weekend, I have taken the blog duties over completely. You are welcome, reader.

I'm going to make this quick since I am meeting a former Sportsthat blogger to drink some green beer and watch the Cats play Alabama.

Alabama may or may not be in the Big Dance depending on which bracket you look at, but if they beat UK they are most certainly in. The Tide have a lot to play for. But so does Kentucky. An SEC championship gets them closer to a 3 seed in the tourney and some confidence at the right time. Exact some revenge and move to the next opponent.

Some are discouraged that the Cats only won by 9 against a feisty Rebel team, but there were some teams that were actually pushed to the brink yesterday like Ohio State and North Carolina. Teams that are be talked about as one seeds. Kentucky was never really in danger of losing and they players stepped up when Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight were struggling, something that guys have not done much of all year.

Expect Darius Miller to continue to play well and score in double figures. Expect DeAndre Liggins to continue his fantastic defensive play and to impose his mean streak. Expect Brandon Knight to be Brandon Knight. Expect the Cats to earn their spot to play in the final against Florida or Vanderbilt.

Off I go. But I leave you with this, dear reader. We aren't just playing the Tide today. We are playing against an arena full of this:

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