Saturday, April 3, 2010

Marquis Teague: Decision Looming

News on the 2010 class reached it's climax like - insert Karen Sypher joke - with the McDonald's All American game this week. Brandon Knight, CJ Leslie, Darron Lamb, and plenty of others made their appearance in the national stage and put their skills on display.

There were 7 undecided players on the McD AA teams. Each waiting to use his 'last chance' signing period, beginning April 14th to choose his school. This late signing has become a new trend in basketball, but with coaches leaving for other teams a signature can lock the player into an unexpected system and style of play unfitting to their skills. Why sign if you aren't sure about the coach, team, other recruits, that will be there when you show up for classes?

Insert Marquis Teague, Rivals #2 overall recruit of the 2011 class. Teague, who is considering offers from Louisville, Kentucky, Purdue, Indiana, and Ohio State, has been rumored to be making his decision within the next week or two. That's a full 365 calendar days before his 'last chance' signing period.

This early signing is nearly unheard of but ask any Kentucky fan watching the recruiting battle for Cousins, Wall, Bledsoe, Orton, Dodson etc. from last year and the ongoing saga of Knight, Lamb, Leslie, Jones, etc. for this year, and an early signing is a big relief for coaches and fan bases.

The early signing can get a school and it's followers energetic about the player before stepping on campus. It can sell tickets based solely on their Rival ranking.

Teague, who is thought to favor the Cardinals in his selection, is believed to be making the decision early because of the new contract extension for Louisville coach Rick Pitino. The assurance that Pitino won't be leaving, might just be enough for Teague to determine his future well in advance.

If the rumors hold true and this piece of the puzzle fits into place as expected, the Cardinals 2011 class may just make Rick's new $2.5 million salary and $3.7 million 'loyalty bonus' (awarded for loyalty to school, not wives) worth the price.


  1. Just to follow up on what Monster said, if Teague signs he would be added to the following list of 2011 Card commitments:

    #3 SG Wayne Blackshear 6'4"
    #18 SF Ryan Taylor 6'5"
    #2 C Michael Chandler 6'10"
    #7 C Zach Price 6'10"

    And if UL doesn't land Teague, they are still in the running for Seattle's Tony Wroten, the nation's second-ranked PG.

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  3. If this class sticks it could be a great one. A lot can go on in a year's time but you never know. Can Cards fans deal with one more year of mediocrity before this class comes in? In my opinion that's what will happen. The next year will probably be a lot like last year but there is light at the end of the tunnel. But 2011 is not official yet.