Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daniel Orton to finish California

Happy Easter, Sportsthat Nation. I woke up feeling good today. The sky is blue, the sun is out and an over sized, vagrant rabbit visited me last night and left me loads of candy. What could ruin this near perfect day? The news that UofK freshman center Daniel Orton is finishing his classes this semester not on campus but in the Golden State. What? How is that possible? Is there an offshoot campus in San Francisco?

All this does is further confirm that D. Ort is not coming back to school. Let me take this opportunity to write a personal letter to the big guy and address the situation since I know he, like so many other sports stars, read this blog everyday:

Dear Daniel,

How's it going? I hope you are having a happy Easter. I sure was. Until you ruined it. Don't get me wrong, I think you are a great player and I don't blame you for wanting to get that money, but do you realize how much more money you could make in the next draft if you stayed one more year? You could be THE MAN in the middle and be one of the focal points of the team. I'm sorry to say this but your stats aren't exactly the greatest. Don't believe me?

Have a look for yourself:

Minutes Per Game: 13.2
Points Per Game: 3.4
Rebounds Per Game: 3.3
Blocks Per game: 1.4

See what I mean? Those numbers aren't exactly DeMarcus Cousins numbers. Take this Easter Sunday to spend some time with your family but make sure that you don't listen to your dad when he says you were better than Boogie and other nonsense. Enjoy your day and have fun "finishing school" in California.

Yours Truly,


P.S. Tell Darnell Dodson to put down the weed and think about going pro. He doesn't need to do it either.


  1. I agree with you that Orton would be much better off staying another year and proving that he can be THE GUY. His situation reminds me a lot of Marvin Williams at UNC a few years back; the only difference being that Williams went #2 overall.

    One thing that everyone needs to be aware of with players jumping early this year, is that the NBA is getting ready to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement which, due to the current state of the economy, will see the salary cap actually SHRINK. I think that a lot of underclassmen are simply trying to get their foot in the door before the cap falls, regardless of whether its actually the right decision for them.

    Obviously, Orton could make more in a rookie contract after the cap falls if he is the #5 pick than he could going now as the #25 pick. College kids aren't the best decision makers, especially when that kind of money is involved.

  2. We are in total agreement Gangle. It's ridiculous. It's like the entire team caught Draft Fever besides Liggins, Miller, Hoodson and Harrelson. I am waiting any day for Liggins to announce his intentions to go pro.

    Happy Jesus Zombie Day to you and yours, Gangle. I know you are celebrating it with zest unmatched by anybody I know.

  3. Outside of the lures of the money in the NBA, as a UK fan, do you fear that there may be something else going on here? Do you think the way Calipari treats some players may play a part in the decision-making? I haven't heard anything either way, just trying to get your take on it.

    Happy Easter!

  4. I don't think so Thunder. All of the players have nothing but good things to say about Cal. He is defenitely a player's coach. I haven't heard anything of the contrary. I am thinking that it is mainly a money issue and guys getting swept up with the idea that they are better than they really are. I mean, you have to think, Dodson and Orton practiced with Cousins, Wall, Patterson and Bledsoe everyday. They are probably thinking, "I can play with these guys and sometimes I can out perform them. Why can't I go pro too? I was as much of a part of the 35-3 season as they were."

    Happy Easter to you and yours as well!

  5. The minute that Harrelson catches "draft fever" for a country beside Macedonia, we all need to start stocking up canned goods...