Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to Watch For: Uk and UofL Basketball Edition

Mike Miller from NBC Sports wrote an article detailing what to expect from storied programs around college basketball. Both Kentucky and Louisville were mentioned. Here is a quick breakdown:

Kentucky- Of course the main topic is Enes Kanter and he, of course, used my phrase "Free Enes". Basically he said that if Kanter is not eligible then John Calipari will be going to a small ball game plan that has been so effectively utilized by Villanova in recent seasons. And, just hot off the presses, John Calipari called Jay Wright to ask how this system can be effective. With a starting line up of Knight, Lamb, Miller, Liggins and Jones, speed and shooting percentage will be key.

Louisville- In short: don't expect much of anything. Miller says, "...they're a middle of the road Big East team", and they have, "talent gaps". The inaugural season of the ridiculously named YUUUMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Center will probably be highlighted by the Justin Bieber concert tonight.

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