Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big (L)East Talks Expansion

The challenge is to look at this and try not to laugh.

I think the Big East knows it sucks. Something needs to be done in order to bolster it's resume as a conference and extend it's small 7 game conference schedule.

The powers that be in the Big East have decided to try and expand the football conference by 10 teams. The basketball conference has 16 teams and is a monster. The teams that play basketball but not football are Notre Dame, Georgetown, Villanova, DePaul, Marquette, Providence and St. John's. Villanova has a very successful Division II team and we all Notre Dame's story.

Villanova will more than likely join while Notre Dame will continue to be stubborn and staty independent. The Big East is also looking at adding TCU, Temple (whom they kicked out a few years ago), Houston and Central Florida.

If I was the AD at TCU I would say hell yes. The Horned Frogs would absolutely dominate that cupcake conference and be in the hunt for a BCS title game appearance every year. The people at TCU must be salivating at the chance to play UConn, Rutgers, Syracuse and Louisville every year!
We shall see how this plays out. Any way you slice it, the Big East needs to do something because they suck as a conference.

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