Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Things I Learned in the First Exhibition Game

Just thought I would put this up here for old times sake...

These aren't listed in order of importance. Except for the first item on the list:

  1. We Need Enes- Size is going to be an issue for this team and it showed last night. Cal started Knight, Lamb, Liggins, Miller and Jones. They were not as fast or as intense as they needed to be for being that small. Vargas and Harrleson played decent but did not display that big time middle presence that Enes will bring. Ryan Shooter said it best: With Enes this team goes to another level.

  2. Brandon Knight is that Damn Good- Cal stated that his prize point guard has the green light but with limitations. Knight is a natural scorer but Cal needs him to be a facilitator. When Pikeville cut it to 12 in the second half, Knight turned it on and brought the team back to cruise late. His 22 points were the highest on the team. The kid can score whenever he wants. I think Wall's freshman scoring record is going to fall.

  3. Jitters Was the Word- You could tell that these young Cats were nervous. Lamb showed a little frustration missing two early technical foul shots but ended up scoring in double digits. Terrence Jones was unable to find a groove offensively but that will come in time. The rest of the team played together in Canada while Jones and Vargas saw limited to no minutes. They will get used to the excitement of college ball in time.

  4. Last Year's Team Played the Same Way- I know John Wall, and DeMarcus Cousins and John Calipari are imploring us to NOT COMPARE the two teams. But I take solace in the fact that last year's team played sloppy defense and had trouble running the dribble drive at this point as well. They are only freshmen. Give them time and they will be fine.

  5. As Liggins and Miller Go...- So will the rest of team. The two elder statesmen in terms of minutes played will have to generate excitement and energy early on to set good examples. It was interesting that Miller started off aggressive and Liggins seemed a little timid and the two reversed in the second half. They both need to be the fire starters from beginning to end and both must be able to create their own shots and not rely on others like last year.

Some Quick Hits:

  • Polson really looks like he is 12

  • It seems the refs are going to be quick with the "T" this year

  • I hate to use the word "soft" to describe our big men but I just did

  • Doron Lamb has the potential to score in double digits every night

  • Terrence Jones must be Erik Daniels with more athleticism

  • The intensity and killer instinct needs to go way up

  • Stacey Poole will be very good in a year or so

  • John Hood is, well, John Hood

  • I like Jorts on the boards

  • I really, really like this team

It's only an exhibition game but it's decent window into what the Cats could be. With Enes, Final Four contenders; without him, Sweet 16. Calling it like it is. Dillard is up next on Friday.

Free Enes-Now More Than Ever

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