Friday, November 12, 2010

Prediction Friday: There's a Football Game Tomorrow?

Good morning Sportsthat Nation. How are you? It's the morning after the Kanter decision and I for one feel super optimistic! The basketball season starts tonight and the Cats could become bowl eligible with a win against Arch-Rival Bottom Dweller Vanderbilt. I am going to do my best throughout this post to not mention Free Enes, Turkey, Kanter himself or anything pertaining to last night's unpleasantness. It's like the first couple of days after a serious break up. You do everything in your power not to think about that girl and avoid any conversation that will lead to her. With that, here we go.

Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt-If UK does not beat 2-7 Vanderbilt at home on Senior Day, I wouldn't want to be on that coaching staff. This may be the biggest cupcake game of the entire season. Even more so than Western or Charleston Southern. Why? Because right now Vandy is beat to hell and back because of a devastating game against Florida last Saturday that saw many of their players go out. They are down to their 4th string running back.

While UK, on the other hand, faced a feisty (seriously) Charleston Southern team, the Cats sustained no serious injuries. Derrick Locke is set to make his triumphant return for the Cats.

After the Vandy game the Cats will head to their season finale against Tennessee after a bye-week. This game will be the difference between a crap bowl and a semi-crap bowl.

Vandy 15- Kentucky 42

Extra Stuff: Will this be Cobb's last game at Commonwealth along with Hartline and Locke? It is very possible. I hope the fans send Hartline out with a standing ovation. That kid has been through a lot and his been a very bright spot during a very disappointing year.

Kentucky Vs. ETSU- The basketball Cats also have a game this weekend and it is tonight as a matter of fact. They face a team with returning numbers excpet their best player from last year. He is inactive against the Cats tonight.

Tonight's game makes me a bit nervous. The Cats will be playing for the first time knowing for sure that Enes (NOOOOOO!!!) won't be around. The starting five of Brandon Knight, Darius Miller, DeAndre Liggins, Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb will be small, fast, athletic and a good shooting squad. The problem is that 3 of these 5 will be making their regular season debut as a Wildcat and that could be a nervewracking assingment.

Eloy Vargas is coming off of a very bad week with the news of the death of his father. He will be playing tonight and this game should be a way for him to honor his father and hopefully get his mind off of the tragedy. Vargas and Josh Harrelson will need to start the season off with big numbers and continue from there.

Buccaneers 62- Wildcats 75

Extra Stuff: Knight will score over 30 and Jorts will have double digit boards.

I would do a Louisville write up but I honestly don't care enough. The Cards will beat South Florida 30-24. There you go Dirty Birds.

Stay tuned today for more Kanter fun along with your usual Sportsthat nonsense.

Adios Muchachos. Free Enes.

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