Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Most Epic Race EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god. This video is liquid gold. I’ve literally watched it 20 times already and I have tears in eyes right now. Seriously that had to be the most epic match race in the history of the 100 meter hurdles between the girl in red and the girl from CM. I mean imagine if you had money on this? The swings in emotion would have been unbearable. One second you got a 2 hurdle lead and the next second your runner is lying face down on the ground and two hurdles behind. Tripping, falling, skipping hurdles etc. This had it all and then some. Like how many times do you see 10 yard leads evaporate in a 100 meter race? Never. But in this race it happened 4 times. Just back and forth, back and forth, back and forth it went all set to the NFL Films music. It was like the Thriller In Manilla only a zillion times better. An absolute race for the ages. So I don’t know whether it makes these girls courageous or stupid for finishing, but it’s definitely has them in the running for a top 100 video of the century.

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