Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Powell and Froman Banged Up

Is it just me or does Louisville have the most childish, cartoony helmet in all of college football? What type of bird has teeth inside of it's beak? It's science people! Science!!

Bilal Powell is a very good running back and has 1,076 yards on the season but he may not be adding to that total as the Cards take on Syracuse Saturday. He went out of the game at Pittsburgh with a knee injury. The knee is swollen and the healing process is slow going. Charlie "Bear Bryant" Strong says that Powell is day to day or week to week. I'm not sure what that analysis is supposed to mean.

The other injury news might be music to the Dirty Bird faithful's ears. Adam Froman may be out Saturday with a thigh bruise. We all know his pride was bruised from his 13-22 passes for 82 yards against that "stout" Pitt defense. Justin Burke is in line to perhaps start.

The Cards have had trouble with Syracuse lately and the Orange seem to be on a roll. UofL may be in for a butt whooping. Man, it sure is hard knocks playing in the Big East!
I am sure that UofL fans will continue doing what they are best at: 1. Spouting off about how good at football they really are because of Charlie Strong. That record is misleading; 2. Continuing to blame Kragthorpe for every loss against a good team and giving Charlie Strong credit for every win against a crap team.

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