Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Round Up: Cats Win Twice and Charlie Strong Chokes

It was a beautiful weekend to be a Cats fan. Let's skip the formalities and get right to the wrap ups.

Kentucky Basketball off to a Big Start- The day after the terrible news about Enes Kanter the Big Blue Nation did not know what to expect from the basketball team against ETSU, a tournament team last year and a probable tournament team this year. The first thing that surprised everyone was the line-up John Calipari decided to go with: Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, Darius Miller, DeAndre Liggins and Josh Harrelson over Doron Lamb.

This game was thought to have been close due to the experience of ETSU and the lack of experience on the Cat's side of things. Wrong answer. The three freshmen took the load and shined like last year's squad with an 88-63 victory. We all exhaled because they did what they were supposed to do and that was win convincingly. Gone are the days of losing to Stoney Brook and Gardener Webb.

Terrence Jones was the break out star. His first career start ended up being his first career double-double. His athleticism was expected but what was surprising was his ability to shoot from the perimeter. If Kanter remains ineligible and if Harrelson and Vargas continue to me non-factors, then Jones will be the key to a big year for the Wildcats.

I am still waiting for Miller to take his role as the leader. He seemed content to let the Freshman do their thing as he played timid at times. Miller has so much pontential to become great. I hope he realizes it.

I will end with this: last year's team's Achilles heal was the zone. ETSU played a 1-3-1 on the Cats and got burned because of their newly found shooting ability. The Cats can also run you to death and are as athletic as any team will be this year. Zone them or play them man to man. Pick your poison.

The Football Cats will go Bowling for the Fifth Year in a Row-The Vandy beat down was in question as the Commodores led 10-13 going into half time. Then Joker read the riot act to the team and then the beating commenced. The seniors and Randall Cobb shined.

Derrick Locke was welcomed back with over 100 yards rushing and two touchdown's. He looked great and will be key in FINALLY beating the Vols and winning whomever we play in the bowl game.

What else is there to say about Randall Cobb? He was as magnificent as always. Running, throwing, catching. Taking hit after hit, getting the first down with that extra push and scoring touchdowns Cam Newton style. Needless to say if Cobb was on a team with the record of Auburn or Oregon, we would be talking about him being in the Heisman race.

The defense still sends me into a rage. Vandy was down to their fourth string running back and they also used some DB's in that position, yet in the first half they were running wild. In normal UK fashion they got their defensive mojo back in the second half and they dominated. I just hope next year this crap doesn't happen.

Mike Hartline got a standing ovation as he went out of the game on Saturday and he deserved it. For has much adversity as he has had he played great this year. I used to be one of those that downed Hartline but I truly appreciate him and everything he has done as our QB.

A 2-3 Record in the Big East Means You Suck- You read that right and I stand by my statement. I think they seriously need to reconsider the Big East as an automatic BCS team because that conference is the worst excuse for a football conference in the history of the NCAA. Nobody in the Big East has beaten a team in the top 25 all year long. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Don't fret Louisville fans, you can still make a bowl game but you have to win out to do it. No way a 6-6 Big East squad plays in the post season. They would rather give that honor to an SEC, Big 12, Big 10 or Pac 10 team. You know, because they actually play tough teams and beat them on occasion.

Louisville laid an Over Time egg on Saturday with Charlie "Bear Bryant" Strong's questionable fourth and inches, Burke up the middle call. Why not kick the field goal? The defense played well all day. Why not run Powell? He was a beast. Why run Burke, an immobile QB, behind the second string center? The Cards blew it and all South Florida had to do was get a couple of first downs and kick the field goal. Which they did. But as I perused the Card Chronicle's site it made me feel better to know that Kragthorpe's name was not mentioned as much as to blame as it had been and fans actually questioned Strong's call. Is the world coming to an end?

The Week to Come- The Dirty Bird basketball team opens the Yum! (gag) Center against a Butler team fresh off of barely losing the title game to Duke. Gordon Hayward is sucking on some NBA team so the Bull Dogs will be missing him. But don't get your hopes up. Butler still has plenty returning from last year and let's just say Louisville roster isn't making many teams sweat. I think the "L" in "L" yes will stand for "Losers" on Tuesday night. After this game, Louisville plays absolutely nobody before getting to the Cats.

The basketball Cats face off in Terrnece Jones' stomping grounds on Friday night to face Portland before going to the Maui Invitational. I am expecting another big win before the Cats play some real competition against Oklahoma, Washington or Virginia. It should be interesting.

Louisville faces WVU who is coming off a blow out win over Cincinnati. Don't be impressed it's the Big Least. It's a home game for the Cards and what was once a marquee television match up has been demoted to ESPN3. How many times, not counting the UK game, has Louisville actually been on national television this year? No seriously, I want to know. Again, the "L" will be for "Loser" in this one, thus ending the Cards dream of playing in a bowl game.

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