Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Kanter Banter

Just got a tip concerning Enes Kanter's eligibility.

Nothing Earth shattering, but here you go:

Everyone is complaining that a decision needs to be made on Kanter's eligibility, and I agree whole-heatedly. The only problem is that the NCAA does not care what you and I want.

So what is the hold-up? From my understanding, the hold-up is Turkish team. The NCAA has requested documentation and the Turkish team is not supplying that documentation. Now before you go yelling "that isn't fair" (which it isn't), this could be good news. If the Turkish Tyrants aren't supplying the documentation, then most likely (in my opinion), it doesn't exist.

So what does that mean? The general consensus is that the NCAA has certain length of time for the Turkish club to produce the docs needed to prove our friend Enes ineligible. That time-frame has not been conveyed TO ANYONE. If you remember back to my last Kanter update I said that this could take a while, so when people tell you that "Kanter will have a ruling this week", they are just shooting down their leg, mmmhmm Rick Pitino.

But fear not good UK and Free Enes lovers. While you and I may care about exhibition games, the NCAA does not. What they do care about is setting proper precedent when it comes to foreign born players. The people surrounding UK feel as if the before mentioned time-frame is just a few games into the regular season at most. Maybe they have a set penalty in their heads about what Kanter should sit out, I do not know. What I do know is that everyone still feels very confident that Kanter will play this year and most feel the penalty (unless some sort of evidence is supplied by the Turkish club from out of left field), that it will be soon.

So cheer up Cats fans and hope and pray that the Turkish Club does not have premiere photoshop skills and the ability to recreate fake documents.

I feel like Free Enes time is very near!

As always:

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