Monday, November 8, 2010

Shut-up Cleveland

I have a question – Are the Cavs the first team to ever lose a player to free agency? Because they seriously won’t shut up. Yea I know Cleveland was LBJ’s home so its extra for them but I mean Christ almighty have some respect for yourselves. Does anyone see the city of Toronto crying their eyes out making theatrical commercials to respond to Chris Bosh going to Miami? When Shaq left Orlando to go to the Lakers, did the entire economy of Florida collapse? Enough is enough you losers. He waited until the last second to tell you he was leaving. Its a shitty move. Probably time to move on. Seriously, did LeBron James owe you anything. He brought the crappiest city outside of Detroit the best 7 years you could ask for and you respond by burning his jersey?

Good God. I can just imagine Cavs fans sitting at home at 2am on Friday night looking at LeBron's twitter feed and calling his cell phone from a blocked number to see where he's at. They are probably creepin on his friend's facebook wall to see where he is going to be and then "randomly" show up and acted surprised to see him. Let it go. I mean the Browns just beat the Pats in football and it hasn't snowed 14 feet there yet.

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