Monday, November 8, 2010

Best Week Ever

Yes Sportathat Nation, it is the best week ever. All this week we have college football, professional football, college basketball and professional basketball to watch. No more baseball, and hockey is not even a blip on the radar. Let's take a look at what's to come this week:

  • Friday November 12-The new look Wildcats take on the legendary basketball team of East Tenessee State for their first regular season game at Rupp Arena. Eric Bledsoe made his Wildcat tournament debut with 8 three's to blow past ETSU 100-71. The 2010 Cats have won 97-66 and then 122-54 in two exhibition games so far. Let's see if these Fab Freshman can create their own legacy and make a name for themselves. Brandon Knight has already emerged as this team's main scorer and one of the most exciting players on the court. Terrence Jones seems to be making strides in the right direction. UK may take some lumps early but this game should not be one of them. BBN daily reminder: This is Not Last Year's Team!

  • Monday November 8-Tonight's Monday Night Football game has the Steelers visiting the Bungles, I mean the Bengals in Cincy. The fireworks that Chad Ochocinco and TO were supposed to produce are one sided. Ochocino has been quiet lately while the 53 year old TO has been lighting it up. I hate both of these teams, especially since that sexual predator Ben Roethlisberger has rejoined Pitt. I hope Chris Hanson is on stand by just in case Mr. "Hold Still, this will only take a minute" is feeling frisky later.

  • Thursday November 11- There is a double header on Thursday night. The NFL is showcasing Baltimore at Atlanta, two teams leading their divisions. Too bad only those of us that have the NFL Network will be able to watch this dandy! Ray Lewis is always fun to watch, even when he is stomping someone to death. The other game is a college football match up between Pittsburgh and UConn. Great. Big East football garbage. Thank you Jesus, for I have the NFL Network and will be able to watch something entertaining. Plus, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on at 10. Charlie left the gang last week and I need to see how he gets back in.

  • Saturday November 13- Kentucky and Vanderbilt: The annual pillow fight between two SEC East bottom dwellers only makes two types of people excited: Big Blue Nation and the 10 Vanderbilt football fans on planet earth. I will be at Big Blue Country to cheer on my team. Hopefully last Saturday's slopfest won't continue this week on Senior Day. This game makes us bowl eligible if we defeat the lifeless Commodores. My little sister was actually present at the Vandy/Florida game in Nashville on a college visit to Vanderbilt. She reported to me that it was the worst stadium she has ever seen and the Florida fans outnumbered the Vandy fans. Nice inside info Little Boogiewoogie.

  • Saturday November 13, Continued-Louisville comes home after that "big win" against Syracuse. Let's stop for a second here so I can straighten some things out: 1) So far I am impressed with the Cards record; 2) They still haven't beaten a team worth a damn; 3) I know the only significant win UK has is against South Carolina. But we have it. 4) I hope more people actually show up for a Louisville home game than the customary amount. That being said, the Cards have a chance against a South Florida team with ZERO quality wins. The Bulls are 5-3 but they haven't beaten anybody in the top 50. Louisville should win this one but will need one more win against WVU or Rutgers to go bowling. The Big East is terrible.

  • Monday November 15-I know this day really isn't a part of this week but it's an exciting day for Dirty Bird fans and I thought it was worth mentioning. Sexual Deviant Rick Pitino and his band of flunkies and convicts try and put a tumultuous off season of lost recruits, ineligible recruits, sex trials, hair brush fights and Socialist power grabbing behind them. They open the beautiful YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! IN MY TUMMMMMYYYY Center with a game against last year's national champion runner up Butler. While Louisville has no clear leader or clear go to guy, Butler lost their top player to the NBA Draft and will not be as good as last year. This game may prove to be interesting. There may be a blow out in the new arena or it may be a close one. We shall soon see. There are about 25 delusional Louisville basketball fans actually excited about this season. Let's see if their hopes are dashed right out of the starting gate.

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