Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smoke Stacks: New Newton Allegations

Smoke isn't always followed by fire but it is getting to the point that the smoke surrounding the recruitment of Cameron Newton is suffocating. Let's recap:

1) Cameron Newton was linked to a guy that was basically a recruit mortgage broker. The man asked for and potentially took upwards of $200,000 in exchange for a signature to the school of choice - Auburn.

2) Cameron Newton was said to be near expulsion at Florida for a cheating allegation, leading to his sudden departure from the school. Newton was previously believed to have left Florida for stealing a computer.

3) The latest strike on Newton is that he and his father both talked to Mississippi State of a "Pay to Play" plan and that was the reason he chose Auburn over Miss State. In phone conversations with recruiters for State, Cecil Newton told the person recruiting his son that it would take "more than a scholarship" to bring his son to the school. The second alleged conversation was with Cam Newton himself when he backed out of his commitment to State. Cam Newton told the Miss State recruiter that he regretted the decision, but his father had made it for him and that "the money was too much".

This is some troubling information coming in the Tiger camp. The danger here is that Newton is still eligible and still playing for the Tigers. This builds the potential for a Reggie Bush situation. A player plays and years later the investigation is finished and a decision to rule the player ineligible is made. Thus, Newton, who is a Heisman trophy candidate, could win the award and become the second player to 'give it back'. Auburn, who is still in the running for a BCS bowl and potentially a NCAA Championship, could have the bowl or championship and money that comes with it revoked ($10 million for a BCS appearance).

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