Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Class of 2011 Speaks. You Listen.

Jesuit's Kyle Wiltjer signs with Kentucky

That's Kyle Wiltjer talking about how awesome it is going to be playing for UK. He wasn't the only one with some words to say.

Marquis Teague said the following: "I'm going there to win a national championship and get a good education. If I'm fortunate enough for something like (the NBA) to happen, that would be great, but that's not my main focus." What an encouraging statement from a young kid. Two things he could not have dreamed of at UofL: Good Education, National Championship. Good choice my friend.

Anthony Davis: Stated that if the Cats don't win it all this year, they will when the 2011 class comes to Lexington. I love the confidence. It is also important to note that his family is filing a lawsuit against the Chicago Sun Times for the slanderous and baseless article stating that his father shopped him around. They don't have Jay Mariotti around to blame for this one!

Michael Gilchrist: "I love Coach Cal and just can't wait. The fan base is crazy. I could have picked anywhere in the country, I just felt it in my heart." Gilchrist is considered the crown jewel of the class and it is debatable whether he or Austin Rivers are the #1 recruit.

Very excited about all of this. Now let's focus on this year's Cats and their game against ETSU tomorrow.




  1. I have a question for you guys. A caller to a local(Louisville)radio station said he heard a rumor that Cal asked Pikeville and Dillard not to run a zone defense on his guys because they haven't worked on that in practice yet. The show's host confirmed that this was indeed accurate. I thought, surely Cal wouldn't have done that. We all know what WVU's zone did to UK in the Elite 8. I figured Call would cover zone defenses in practice #1. I went back and read interviews that Pikeville and Dillard coaches gave prior to the game and BOTH coaches said they would use some 1-3-1 zone because of the problems it gave last years UK team. Come game time, neither did. Coach Wells from Pikeville went as far to say that the way to beat UK was to play zone and that they would see alot of it during the season. He then later said that his team had a hard time staying in front of UK players but he didn't (or couldn't) play zone. Do you all think Cal would really stoop that low as to tell another team to not play a certain style? Do you guys think that it's odd that 2 teams that are supremely overmatched in size and athleticism would play man defense the whole game?

  2. To answer your question honestly this is the first I have heard of this and I am not sure how valid it is. Would Cal"stoop" that low? Possibly but I don't know. I think either way they played it the games would have been blow outs. Besides, they are exhibition games, aka practice.

    I haven't heard any of this on any other sites but that doesn't mean it's false. Cal won't be able to request it come Friday so it's moot IMO.