Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's John Hancock Day!

Unless you are a sheriff serving papers to Ben Roethlisberger for violating a woman or you are under the age of 12, you should never be seen asking for someones autograph. In fact, like in baseball, there is an unwritten rules that says if you see such action occurring, you can groin punch the offender and yell "blow me."

However, tomorrow is a day that everyone is at least allowed to witness and enjoy. Tomorrow is the first day that any basketball commitments in the class of 2011 are allow to sign letters of intent with their colleges of choice. Kentucky is expected to receive autographs from Michael Gilchrist, Marquis Teague, Anthony Davis, and Kyle Wiltjer... and solidify the third straight UK #1 recruiting class.

So while you can't ask for the John Hancock, you can sure be glad to have your favorite basketball team get one for you.

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