Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Free Enes Twitter Rumor #1,000

The man is a Beast

Stop me if you heard this one before! Some guy (or gal, no need to be sexist) claiming to be a basketball insider says he/she has info on Enes Kanter's eligibility situation!

Here we go again! Jason Jordan, a basketball writer for ESPN and Dime Magazine, tweeted the following about one hour ago:

Hearing that UK center Enes Kanter will likely be suiting up when it's all said and done.

He did not give any information on sources or a timetable. We are still at the mercy of the NCAA. But one encouraging factor is that almost all of the rumors are that Enes will play eventaullay, even if he does have to sit out a few games. Another interesting note is that most NCAA college basketball analysts have the Cats contending for a title with Enes Kanter on board.

Hurry up NCAA. November 12 is getting closer and that date at the Bucket on New Year's Eve looms larger with Dieng eligible.

Free Enes

Enes > Gorgui

Update: Jason Jordan @JayJayESPNDime tweeted an hour ago the following:

Enes K. isn't out of the woods, but, from what I'm told he's "DEFINITELY" got a shot. Hesitation in that NCAA is in "Make an ex. mode"

Again, a source would be nice but I guess this is better than nothing. I understand the NCAA is taking their time on this but games are getting close. This is excruciating.

#WheresEnes He May Be At the Bucket on December 31.

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