Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cam Newton and Urban Meyer are Bad People

One of the main Tebowisms is to forgive and forget. Apparently Urban Meyer forgot one of Saint Tim's main virtues while he spent four years at the University of Florida. Meyer is now out to personally ruin the career of one of his former players, Cam Newton.

And it's not like Newton is as clean as Tim Tebow's sheets. Let's not forget that he left Florida under the scandal of stealing another student's laptop and then trying to throw it out of the window as soon the police showed up to reclaim the stolen property. And just recently Cam has been accused by an agent that he was shopped around for $200,000 before he signed with Auburn.

To further slander Newton's name, Meyer has allegedly released that while Newton was at Florida he put his name on a paper written by another student and turned it in to his professor. The professor caught him and Newton left before he was expelled.

If this holds true then Urban Meyer is a scum bag. He isn't a scum bag because he ratted on Newton, he is a scum bag for the reasoning behind ratting on him. He did it because of his immense success at Auburn and his Heisman Trophy candidacy. It seems Meyer's motivation is to bring down Cam and Auburn with him. It's petty, it's vindictive and it's childish. Why didn't he report this while Cam Newton was at Florida?

Meyer has proven that he isn't the best judge of character with close to 30 players being arrested under his watch. I really don't care one way or the other if Cam Newton is found guilty of any or all of these allegations. What bugs me is that Meyer is out to ruin a kid and a program just because they are winning and he isn't.

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