Sunday, November 7, 2010

Colin Cowherd - Three Jeers

I've dated girls that carry handbag that have DG written all over them. Those girls don't work out for many reasons, mainly because they just do not understand basketball. The only difference between those girls and Colin Cowherd is that Cowherd is simply a D-bag and the people around him have to carry his weight.

Stating that Colin Cowherd is a d-bag and doesn’t know what he is talking about is like telling you to share your glue with the cute girl in class and avoid the kid that eats paste –common knowledge and a lesson learned early.

Cowherd has a show on ESPN radio where he rants and rambles. Normally, I change the channel when I am witness to his absurdity. Wednesday was slightly different. I was preoccupied with hustling towards the airport, trying to avoid missing a flight to Atlanta and subsequently San Francisco, when I realized I was consuming Colin. At the moment I came into realization, I heard him mention John Wall’s home opening for the Wizards.

In case you didn’t hear, at the request of a security guard Wall performed “The Dougie” for around 20-30 seconds and added a little “John Whoa”dance, his trademark arm movement at the end during his introduction to the crowd. The fans loved it and Wall went on to score 29 points, 13 assist, and 9 steals (a Wizard record). Sure, he turned the ball over 9 times and he was playing a 76ers team that is picked to finish just above the Cavs in the East standings but this is also a Wizards team that has absolutely nothing to cheer for except Wall and the show he produces (see Stephen Strausburg and the Washington Nationals). When Wall can perform during the game and before while accompanying the performance with a W too, who can complain? Colin Cowherd!

Cowherd had an issue with the dance and succeeding play of Wall. He criticized Wall for showboating by “doing the ‘Doggie’” and his 29 points. After hearing Wall speak, he “knew all he needed to know” about the rookie guard – Wall wasn’t going to be a leader or successful. According to Cowherd, Wall will “simply be another AI, Star-berry, or Stevie Franchise – a ‘me first’ point guard that will get his” and is always out for #1. Cowherd said that because of his gamesmanship, low IQ and the fact it takes intellect to play basketball, Wall would simply make 8 or 9 All Star teams, but never succeed.

The thing is that every media member outside of Cowherd – analyst like Michael Wilbon, Tony Kornheiser, the Around the Horn boys, as well as basketball guys like Dave Telep, Jeff Goodman, and Evan Daniels - loved and adored Walls game. They shared the thought that, as Wall matures in the league he will reduce his turnovers and his play should only continue to rise to meteoric levels.

Here is the thing, Cowherd’s statements were contrary to everything that anyone that has watched or worked/played with Wall has ever said. From the trainer to the head coach, the other starters and stars to the guys that see little playing time, EVERYONE loves him. His teamwork, sportsmanship, drive, intellect, they will tell you he has it all and some.

Allen Iverson had a questionable work ethic in college, Stephon Maurberry and Steve Francis were not team players, and Magic Johnson was, in my opinion, a top 3 NBA player of all time. For anyone to compare a rookie’s career - good or bad – especially after 3 games, is simply a reckless generalization. For someone to do it when they don’t understand basketball, it is just ignorant.

So Three Jeers to you Colin Cowherd, I think with statements like that, it is easy to say that Wall’s career will be more successful than yours, someone relegated to appearances between 1-3PM Monday-Friday and a daytime radio talk show.

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