Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Smaki Walker joins the Cardinal Convict Club

The photo that Samaki Walker has submitted to the Yum! Center's Cardinal hall of fame. It goes right next to Terrence Jenning's and Jerry Smith's

It's time to finish up a busy weekend with a late Sunday night post. I'm going to be out the next two days due to business, so I leave you in the capable and caring hands of Monster Mash.

-The big news this weekend was the Joe B. Hall deal with the NCAA. As we all know by now the NCAA decided in it's infinite stupidity that Joe B. Hall coaching the UK Legends team would somehow violate some rule that the NCAA made up. Hall was very upset and hurt by the decision. Coach Cal stuck his middle finger up at the powers that be and let Hall become a member of his Dominican coaching staff. Check Mate, NCAA.

-The whole scenario of the NCAA meddling with this game smacks of conspiracy theories about how the organization hates UK and especially John Calipari. I'm not saying this is so, but I'm not sure the NCAA would have stepped in if Duke was having a game like this.

-Samaki Walker became the latest member of the Cardinal Convict Club. Walker got busted by cops for having pot and liquid steroids. Reenacting Cardinal Willie Williams, Walker decided to try and eat the pot instead of going quietly into custody. Walker was pulled over by a police officer in Arizona. Walker also tried to get off by saying that the steroids are legal in Syria, where he is now playing "professional" basketball.

-John Calipari is highlighting all of the incoming players, including Ryan Harrow. This week Cal takes a look at Kyle Wiltjer. Wiltjer is a movie buff, like yours truly, and has developed an old school game that includes a hook shot. Wiltjer is a basketball historian of sorts. He is a player that gets lost in the mix with the other stellar freshmen. I have a feeling Wiltjer is going to wow all of Big Blue Nation and will be very, very hard to guard. Just like Kyle Kuric.....NOT!

That's it from me for a couple of days. Another week of slow news and football season will break us out of the doldrums.

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