Friday, July 29, 2011

The NCAA are Buzzkils: News and Notes

Nothing can stem my excitement for the fact that it looks like Sportsthat is for sure going to the UK Legends game, but the NCAA sure has thrown a wrench in the works.

UK has complied with the NCAA on this whole event and Cal has made sure that rules are not broken, i.e. Terrence Jones on the UK team or John Hood coaching with Calipari on the Dominican side. The NCAA still has to come in a assert it's "authority" and rain on the parade a little bit.

Here are the new NCAA rules:
-Joe B. Hall cannot coach in the game
-The UK Legends team cannot be called the UK Legends team
-No TV or radio broadcasts are allowed
-John Calipari cannot honor any of the old UK players

I can maybe see the radio and TV broadcast thing, but the rest of these rules are ridiculous. How are they breaking any real NCAA regulations? They aren't. This just continues to show the bias the NCAA has for some teams.

On with the News:

-I highlighted the Governor's Cup presser last night and came away with a feeling of confidence in Joker. He really is high on this team and he seems to think that they are just a few young guys stepping up from being a really, really good team. I hope you are right Joker.

-On the Louisville side of things, Charlie Strong seemed downright depressed. He pretty much stated that his team is going to be young, inexperienced and all around bad. This does not stop Louisville fans from continuing to insist that the game in Lexington will be a blow out win for the Cards. They are idiots.

-Dick Vitale Tweeted his disgust in the stupid NCAA rules for the UK Legends game. "NCAA rules r wacky-Joe Hall being denied to coach an all star team of ex UK players. Can't common sense be used! Hall is 82!" A lot of people don't like Dickie V because of his Duke obsession. I can look past that because he hates the NCAA and is a big time Cats cheerleader.

-Chad Ochocinco has joined Albert Haynesworth as the latest disgruntled malcontent that has joined the Patriots and will shine this season. NFL, you better watch out.

That's all for now! Enjoy your Friday.

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