Monday, July 25, 2011

OOps... my weekend mishap of news!

It was a busy weekend - my apologies. I mean I painted my foundation, front porch, put new vents on my roof, cut grass, attended the Nelson County fair and MORE. Boogiewoogie is back and posting up like a Kentucky Power Forward (on this blog of course we've seen his basketball skills). He recapped the weekend really well and I tried to keep you up to date with everything before that. I posted on Twitter so if you follow me, you've already known this, but Tony Woods chose the Oregon as his school to attend this year.

Woods was constantly bashed by Kentucky fans when he told Ricky P he'd attend Louisville... then after he backed out of that, he turned his sights on UK. Those same fans were eating crow and had to either back track and accept or push back and reject Wood. The later was the majority.

Ultimately, Woods' decision came down to can he deal with all the negative attention that he'd receive under the hot spot lights of Kentucky? The answer was a resounding no - thus his banishment to the Pacific Northwest.

Hopefully, Woods can keep his hands off his girls and his eyes on the court.

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