Thursday, July 28, 2011

UK's Legenda Game: News and Notes

Who else is excited to see these two reunite again?

If Kentucky basketball can ever find a way to take precedence over Kentucky football during training camp, it will. Well, it officially has. The final roster for the UK legends team vs. the Dominican Republic National team has been set.

UK Players:
John Wall
Eric Bledsoe
DeMarcus Cousins
Rajon Rondo
Keith Bogans
Jodie Meeks
Tayshaun Prince
Nazr Muhammed

The game will be at Rupp Arena on August 15. John Calipari, the genius mastermind behind this event, will coach the Dominicans while Hall of Fame coach Joe B. Hall and Sam Bowie will coach the UK Legends team. Cal has also promised to bring back more UK alumni to Rupp that night.

This is a once in a lifetime experience and Sportsthat plans on being there. Where other than UK can you see a an exhibition of this magnitude and grandeur during the off season? Not at Duke, not at Kansas, not at North Carolina and certainly not at Louisville. This is why we say we are the greatest college basketball program of all time.

Tickets are dirt cheap and range from $15 to $25. Get your popcorn ready. On to the News:

-The NFL free agent spree has been ridiculous. In short, here is what we have so far: Donovan McNabb to the Vikings, Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots, Tavaris Jackson to the Seahawks, Matt Hassellback to the Titans, Kevin Kolb is reportedly going to the Cardinals and Plaxico Burress will probably end up a Steeler or a Giant. Whewwwww!!! That's just to name a few and there will be more to come. Thank you, NFL.

-The saga of the Derrrick Locke to the NFL continued yesterday. Locke was initially signed with the Vikings. He then failed the physical and was then resigned by the Eagles. Did Locke do this on purpose in order to have a chance on a team in which he has a better chance of playing? Probably not but I would like to think he was smart enough to do that.

-Joker Phillips and Charlie Strong were both at the Governor's Cup cocktail party last night and will be live on the Courier Journal's website at 12:30. I will watch it and give you the details.

-The stars were out (sort of) at the cocktail party. The party was at the Henry Clay in Louisville. The celebrities representing the Cards were Lee Corso, Joe Jacoby and Tom Jackson. Tim Couch and Freddy Maggard were there for the Cats. Lee Corso is a big fan of the rivalry game and Tim Couch voiced that he wished the game was played as the first game for both teams every year.

-Couch also threw in a tid-bit of trivia that I had forgotten about. The Cats won the first ever game played in Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium in 1998. The score was a blistering 68-34. The Cats own the series 14-9, including 4 in a row. 51 Days until the game.

-The top quarterback prospect in the nation, yes the top prospect in the USA, has decided to go to Indiana to play football. Yes, Indiana. A team that has not made a bowl game in about 20 years. His name is Gunner Kiel and he is from Indiana but that does not excuse him from trying to ruin his college career by going to play for the dreadful Hoosiers. Kiel spurned Oklahoma, Alabama and Missouri to go to IU. To be fair, IU's new coach, Kevin Wilson, groomed QB's such as Sam Bradford at Oklahoma. At least Gunner didn't go to Louisville.

-Carlos Beltran was traded to the Giants. This made the World Series defending champs World Series contenders again.

That was a lot. I'm done for now. I just started watching Mad Men on Streaming Netfilx and I am adicted. I'm going to continue that now. I'll be back later to update the Phillips/Strong presser. Later dudes.

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