Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Terrell Pryor's Exile: News and Notes

Top 'O the Mornin' to Ya! We start today off with a bit of justice for Terrell Pryor. The shamed Ohio State quarterback has been banished by his football team and entire athletic program for five years.

OSU is trying to curb an NCAA smack down by being proactive and imposing it's own sanctions in the hopes that the NCAA does not take away scholarships or impose any further punishments. This all sounds noble and right. Wrong.

If one looks further at this, the reason the Buck Eyes are doing this to Pryor is so that he will be able for the NFL supplemental draft. A player is not allowed in the supplemental draft unless he has no chance of returning to the university. Pryor was only suspended for 5 games in the original punishment, which meant that he could return to Ohio State if he wanted. Now, OSU has made that impossible with the hopes that Pryor game finally get paid to play football. Legally.

On to the News:

-Let's start off with some NFL. The Vikings are losing a QB and gaining one. Word on the street is that Tavaris Jackson will sign with the Seahawks and that Donovan McNabb will sign with the Vikes. Minnesota lost an aging gunslinger in Brett Favre only to gain another with McNabb. If you recall, McNabb was shown the boot in Philly, went to the Redskins, benched for Rex Grossman (!), and routinely embarrassed by coach Mike Shannahan. McNabb has some football left in him, good pick up by the Vikes.

-Monster Mash and I are looking to buy tickets to the UK All Stars Vs. the Dominican Republic National team. It's been a while since we went on a road trip and this sounds like it will be a doozy. Stay tuned.

-A number of ex-football Cats were signed to NFL teams yesterday. Derrick Locke went to the Vikings, Ricky Lumpkin went to the Cardinals, Chris Matthews went to the Browns and Mike Hartline, Dequinn Evans is with the Bengals, the thorn in the side of every Louisville Cardinal, signed with the Colts. Keep that bench warm Mike, Peyton Manning is gunning to break Favre's all time consecutive starts record.

-Joker Phillips was all over ESPN yesterday with some other SEC coaches. Joker went on Sportscenter, College Football Live and Scott Van Pelt just to name a few. Joker brought the thunder.

-6-7 2011 recruit T.J. Warren narrowed his choices down to Kentucky and Louisville among others. Warren said he is expected to be at Big Blue Madness. He also said Louisville is like the ugly girl that asks a hot guy to the prom. He just doesn't want to hurt their feelings and is trying to be nice.

-I think one or two Louisville football players were picked up yesterday. I'm not sure. I really don't care, they suck and will get cut.

That's all for now. I will be back later in the evening with another post. But only if you are good.

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