Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God Smites The Ville Again: News and Notes

When nobody gets hurt it is ok to joke about natural disasters and not so natural disasters, right?

As we all remember, the University of Louisville's campus and the area around Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, as well as the stadium itself, was beat up by a string of freak tornadoes about a month ago. Power lines were torn down and a goal post in PJCS were harmed as well. All of the UK fans laughed as Little Brother's facilities were roughed up.

The hits kept coming again last night as a major water main broke and flooded almost the exact same area that was harmed by the tornadoes. This time instead of a tornado, the Lord decided to try to smite UofL with water. I can only imagine that fire is next, followed by a devastating earthquake that will swallow PJCS into the earth.

I'm not sure what the Cardinals did to peeve the Supreme Being off so much, but I have an entire list of things they have done to insight my wrath. And the list starts off with a douchey fan base.

But in all seriousness nobody has been injured in either scenario. On to the News:

  • I love the Home Run Derby more than any other professional All-Star skills competition. Some may argue in favor of the dunk contest in the NBA, but that has devolved into a gimmick with props, stupid music and non-super star caliber players. The Home Run Derby is still true to it's roots and the best sluggers in the game rarely pass up the chance to do it. Last night we were treated to the Red Sox vs. the Yankees as Adrian Gonzalez faced off against Robinson Cano. Both were tied with 20(!) home runs from the first two rounds as they entered the finals. A-Gon tied the single round record of 11 homers in the final round. But Cano broke the record with 12 and took the title. It was a blast to watch.

  • Joh Calipari continues to be the man in recruiting and thumbing his nose at Rick Pitino. Cal offered 2013 point guard Kasey Hill and 2013 6-8 power forward Malik-Price Martin scholarships. Both of these guys were big time Louisville targets and now the Cats seem to have the upper hand.

  • And if that couldn't get any better, T.J. Warren, a 4 star small forward from the class of 2013, has also been offered a scholarship from the Cats. Guess who was recruiting him as well? You guessed it! Rick Pitino, you just need to quit. When you are recruiting against Calipari you are bringing a knife to a gun fight.

  • Eloy Vargas tweeted out the quote of the day dealing with the heat wave that spread across Kentucky: "It doesn't look that hot outside, but soon as I walked out there it felt like Satan farted in my face..."

  • New Kentucky defensive coordinator Rick Minter put together summer videos of defensive schemes and games with his voice overs that are required viewing by the UK defense. I can already say the this year's defense will be much, much better.

  • Boogie has a little brother. And by little I mean 6-10, 235 pounds. Little Boogie's name is Jaleel. Little Boogie needs a scholarship to UK.

That's all for now! I'll be back later with any new news or interesting observations. Stay Classy.

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