Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Tom Cable Cutting Thursday

The NFL is locked out, the NBA will be there shortly. MLB is going on, but seriously, who really watches baseball when it isn't September/October? (Although if you're a Red Sox fan, you don't get to watch much baseball even in September and October - yes you Boogiewoogie).

That means ESPN and all its minion sister networks (ESPN2, ESPN360, the Ocho, ESPN News, ESPN Classic... the word count has tripled trying to name them all) just replay the same 15 baseball games on a nightly basis and then in the downtime they make up their own news. So what's a sports fan to do? If you're like me you were paying $90 a month in cable bills for Sportscenter and all your local networks that you get via antenna anyways. You act like you favorite NFL football team (the Raiders) and cut ties with Cable, that's what!

Sure, the Raider's Cable was a bloated old fat man getting paid millions to do a sub par job... but really the analogy fits. I had hundreds of channels but spent 99% of my time on 1% of them. Thus, I am firing you and coaching my own team. While getting in touch with my nerd at heart, I've made my own DVR and hooked up my new PC to my television and get 90% of what I watched for free!

That other 10%? I'd have probably watch the ESPY's - who am I kidding, we know I wouldn't have. I would have been stuck on Yankees/Red Sox games and tuning in for the home run's of the day in the ESPN Top 10. But in a time where over paid players and billionaire owners are complaining about money - I'm not really missing that much. Fox still show's Saturday games for that fix of baseball here and there. KentuckySportsRadio still keeps me up to date on my UK newsworthy items and there's always the local news sports segment.

Until Monday night football rolls around (or if that doesn't happen, then UK basketball on ESPN) I think I'm doing well.

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