Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Home Field Advantage: News and Notes

The Mid-Summer Classic belonged to the National League for a second year in a row, powered behind game MVP Prince Fielder's 3 run blast. The American League did not have all of it's stars at it's disposal, especially in the pitching department, and this led to a convincing 5-1 victory for the NL All Stars.

Of course this means that the Phillies, I mean whoever wins the NL, will have home field advantage in the World Series. This is what makes the baseball all star game unique among all other professional exhibitions: it means something. Now, people can debate whether or not it is good for an exhibition to determine an advantage for another league, but you can't deny the intrigue. Rumor is that most of the players don't like it and would rather the MLB adopt the old way of doing things, which is to give home field advantage during the World Series to the team with the best overall record.

As I fan, I like my all star games to have a little extra drama. On to the news:

-The biggest news coming out of the University of Kentucky is a smack down between CBS Sports writer Gary Parrish and UK athletics employee DeWayne Peevy. Parrish wrote an article that resurrected the old story of Anthony Davis' father demanding $200,000 for his son's services to play basketball. The original story came from the Chicago Sun Times and was immediately tagged as BS and unsubstantiated. For whatever reason (clicks on his link. no, that isn't a sexual inuendo, you pervert), Parrish decided to bring it up again despite the fact that he ripped the report when it came out as "sloppy and embarrassing". Parrish knows that any article involving the combined themes of "John Calipari" and "scandal" means an automatic 100,000 hits. DeWayne Peevy threatened on Twitter to revoke Parrish's media credentials at Rupp this season for writing such a ridiculous article in order to draw readers. I disagree with Sarah Palin on 99% of her "issues". But the 1% I can agree with her on is her assessment on the "lamestream" media. I feel dirty for saying that.

-University of Louisville football poster boy Willie Williams has been arrested for the thirteenth time. Williams was booked in Northern Kentucky on burglary charges. Williams was one of the first nationally sought after recruits that UofL landed. He initially committed to Miami, then he went JuCo, then he went to UofL, then he ended his career playing at Union College in Kentucky. Many consider Williams as the pioneer of Cardinal football criminality. That rich tradition is still carried on today, despite the "changing of the guard" at head coach.

-PETA hates KFC. KFC wants DeWayne Wade as an honarary drive through captain for $250,000 for charity. PETA told DeWayne he better not do that. The Cardinals play in a basketball facility named the KFC YUM! Center, which is nicknamed "The Bucket" and the fans wear chicken buckets on their heads during games, which PETA considers "chicken coffins". Louisville fans love animal cruelty. PETA hates Louisville fans. I hope you followed my logic on that.

-Eric Crawford from the Courier-Journal doesn't hide the fact that he is ultra critical of UK. He also isn't a fan of LeBron James. Since LeBron is sponsoring UK's shoes and uniforms for next year's season, Crawford felt the need to write this little blog. Touche, Mr. Crawford.

-John Calipari continues his insane pace during the high school evaluation period today by being in three states at different times during the day to make his presence felt to the young high school players. His main targets today will be DeJuan Coleman, Archie Goodwin, Ricky Ledo and Anthony Bennett. Coleman will visit UK September, the rest of the prospects are still up in the air. Expect Coleman and his neck tattoo to be a member of the Cats around December.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more later and hopefully Monster Mash can do two articles in two days. We can all wish upon a star...

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