Friday, July 29, 2011

Where Does UK go from Here?

It's been an exciting day in the world of Kentucky basketball to say the least. Monster Mash has already highlighted the UK "Pros" game. Let's talk about the fact that John Wall and Rajon Rondon, among others, will enroll in classes this fall at UK while the NBA lockout continues and will be undergraduate assistant coaches on the basketball team.

What does this mean:

A). If you are a student at Kentucky you could sit next to John Wall in your Macro Economics class

B). College co-eds will be trying to figure out which classes the NBA guys will be taking

C). The NBA players will be able to participate in practice with Kentucky

D). The NCAA and all of Calipari's critics can shut it. Those that say that Calipari and his players don't care about education have just been silenced. These guys are millionaires and they don't have to go to school for any reason besides their love for education.

Marquis Teague will be practicing against John Wall and Rajon Rondo. This is going to take Teague to the next level in a HURRY. Recruits coming to visit UK will see all of these NBA guys at practice playing against the current team. Will they see this at any other school? I think not.

John Calipari has done more for Kentucky in the last two years than Tubby Smith and Billy G did, besides the National Title that Tubby won.

Other than a national championship, where does Cal take the Cats from here? The future is so bright for Kentucky it is absolutely insane. Being a UK fan right now is the greatest thing in the world and I am ready to debate anyone on that fact. Ball is in your court Dirty Birds.


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