Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

What's up, Sportsthat? It's been a while.

As my cohort pointed out on this site about a month ago, I dabbled in the world of KSR for a little while and I enjoyed it very much. I got a sneak peek into the world of sports journalism. I met Matt Jones of KSR a few times and had some phone conversations with him. It was a very pleasant experience and I am glad I did it.

Though I came up short in the end, I can say that I did take some positives away from my short lived TV career. Here they are in no particular order:

  • I got to meet a lot of very cool people

  • I enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame and the random people stopping me in the streets to tell me they saw me on television

  • I have a great deal of family and friends that encouraged me in following my dream

  • I have a second wind in my desire to work in the world of sports journalism, UK athletics in particular

  • I have a renewed confidence in my talents and abilities

So that all brings me back to what started me on this road: blogging for Sportsthat. We have had some great successes on our little blog in the past (Free Enes, interviews from other legit news sources, an article, a decent number of readers and fans, a small amount of money from Google) and we have let it fall to the wayside.

I only have myself and Monster Mash to blame. We have had a revolving door of bloggers on this site that have come and gone, but the two of us have been the constant caretakers of our little blog. It's up to us to resurrect it and make it better than before.

I also have decided to drop the moniker "Boogiewoogie". I am proud of what I do on this site and most of the people that read it know who I am anyway. If I start a new trend or catch someones eye, I would like my real name to be attached to it.

No matter if anything substantial happens with this site or not, I know that I have fun doing it. It's a hobby and you need hobbies to keep life interesting. Since I am older, out of shape and breaking down, I can no longer play sports effectively, so I write about them. It's my outlet and a way for me to blow off steam.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we can restore this to it's former glory and maybe even take it a step further.

Play us out, Aerosmith:

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