Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joker Phillips Comes out Swinging

The hook up that the Courier Journal has for the Governor's Cup press conference is terrible and keeps cutting out on me. It's hard to listen to and I missed almost everything Charlie Strong had to say, which doesn't make me too sad at all.

What I did catch was Joker Phillips saying "We are going to be pretty damn good this year. If we get some young guys to step up, we are going to kick some people."

First off, I love Joker's confidence. That's about as inspiring and confident as I have ever heard him in a public venue. He either: A). Must like what he sees so far at practice; or B). He is trying to pump up a young group on offense. Either way, I bet Strong tickled in his Fruit of the Looms a little bit when he heard Joker say the "D" word.

I'll be back tonight with commentary on what both coaches said once the transcripts are made available online.

College football is around the corner and I'm damn glad of it.

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