Saturday, July 16, 2011

Look both ways before you cross: news and notes

I finally finished watching Spartacus on Netflix... something I would recommend you all do and later this afternoon I'll be showing the guys a thing or two of NCAA 2k10 on XBox (I was a dominating 10-2 on my first attempt at the game). However, I'd like to let you have this little bit of information before my day breaks.

Louisville was ranked #19 today! I want to offer my sincere congratulations to a city where they don't get much attention and top 25 rankings are rare. The bad news is that this latest ranking has nothing to do with their basketball rankings but the likely hood of being hit by a car as a pedestrian. Yes, that is a higher rank than what you might think obvious - New York, Boston, LA, or Chicago.

So congratulations Louisville, this ranking can be celebrated right along side of the #1 ranking of most likely to see a college basketball coach having an affair in the booth next to you, #1 most likely to see a football player eat a bag of pot or even #1 most likely to get beat up over a hair brush!

Onto the news:

- If the NBA ever plays basketball again - which knowing their propensity for the all mighty US Dollar (which after August 2nd may not be so mighty - nerd fight ensue!) they will. You will get to hear the recently retired Shaquille O'neil offer his opinions. He is joining the TNT gang that includes Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. While I've never been much on the NBA, after watching Barkley and the others do CBS's NCAA coverage this year and his affection for all things UK, I may just try.

- They don't call them the Cameron Crazies for nothing. A family of Duke fans will be appearing in court after a skirmish involving a pair of season tickets and the transfer of those tickets after a woman's father passed. The Dukette is suing her sister, her sister's husband, and Duke University alleging that the faithful Coach K followers did not do their due diligence and see if the man, who was a team dentist, had any other family members with claims to the pair. Please note that the sister and her husband paid a $50,000 transfer fee for those tickets and a $6,000 annual donation fee - talk about a K-fund.

- Ricky P went on record with ESPN's Andy Katz saying that he wants divisions in the Big East once TCU joins the mix. This differs from Jim Boeheim and others who were apart of other Big East division meltdowns (6 in all). I don't really care about the Big East, all I know is that talk of going to 18 teams and having that many schools in a conference is ridiculous, being "BIG" doesn't mean the conference is good.

- The Brits finally realized that they are on an island and as any good island nation does, they started sunbathing at the British Open this week. I warn you, all the stereotypes of British people being unattractive are true...

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