Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jesco White's Birthday and the Cats Invade the YUM! Center: News and Notes

A lot of you probably don't know who Jesco White is but if you watch the above video then you will. Jesco is the Dancin' Outlaw from West Virginia and was made famous by the movie of the same title and another film entitled the "Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia". I have seen both movies and have become a "fan" of sorts. Not the type of fan that admires him, the type of fan that cannot look away from the train wreck that is his life.

Jesco was in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend at Headliners to celebrate his 55th birthday. I didn't find out about this until yesterday. I was very upset that I missed it. My wife also has the same type of weird curiosity about this fellow that I do and she was equally disappointed that we didn't get to see him go dance.

So here is to you Jesco. Happy birthday. I'm sure you don't have many left.

Onto the PACKED edition of News and Notes:

-There is a lot of news to get to, but the biggest is the rumor of a second UK Legends game that seems to more reality than it is rumor. A second Legends game is scheduled for the YUM! Center in Louisville on August 16, the day after the first one. The kicker is that Brandon Knight will be on the team and will be joined by none other than Jorts. Expect Jorts to have an epic night if he plays. History dictates that he gets a double-double every time he steps into the YUM! Center.

-Joe B. Hall has asked Coach Denny Crum to coach in the Legends game and Crum has expressed major interest. Not only will Kentucky be holding a UK Legends game in the YUM! Center but the Cats might be coached up by the Cardinals' most legendary coach. I can't stop the laughter.

-Rick Pitino is holding a press conference today. They will surely ask him about all the Big Blue traking over the YUM! Center and Denny Crum being part of the invasion. I will be watching like a hawk. Pitino is going to say some pretty stupid crap.

-Not only is it fun to watch UK have a Legends game, it is equally as fun to watch them do it in the Enemy's front yard. The Cats are going into Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino's Chicken Bucket to give the Millions, and Millions of Cats fans in Louisville a chance to enjoy their favorite team. The city of Louisville belongs to the Cats, make no mistake about it. Could the Cards pull this off in Lexington? Hell to the No. The Card fan reaction is going to be epic.

-Eloy Vargas is being given a chance to earn a spot on the Dominican National team. This is a great chance for him to show how much he has improved in the off season. John Calipari has issued a challenge to Eloy, he better step up and play like a pro if he wants to make this team.

-Bruce Pearl is coaching the NBADL Dallas team. Point and laugh.

-Joker Phillips one upped the "Greatest Recruiter and Coach in the History of the World" yesterday by pulling four recruits, one of them from the grasp of Chuck Strong. The Cats have 15 commitments for the 2012 class. I am getting excited about the direction of the program.

-The Big East press conference was held and nobody cared. Louisville was picked to finish 7th out of 8 teams. Of course, the fans are crying fowl (hahahahahahahahaha!). It still hasn't registered that they only went 6-6 last year, lost 25 seniors, lost their entire offensive line, and have a midget starting at quarterback.

-The Big East football title game might be held in Yankee Stadium in the future. It will be half full for the game.

All in all it was a great day to be a Cats fan. I told you there was a lot of news. I will be back later to fill you in on Pitino's press conference. I am hoping for some comedy.

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