Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Challenge Accepted Ohio State

According to Rick Bozich, the man featured above was such an Ohio State fan that at his funeral, he requested that his casket was aligned so he formed the I in OHIO one last time.

Bozich posed an interesting question... are there any IU fans, UK fans, UL fans this dedicated.

I'm just saying, challenge accepted Bozich. My plan for eternity has to always be cremated though, but a challenge is a challenge.

New plan: have those ashes be spread at center court of Rupp (or whatever new arena is built by that time) and they can write "The University of Kentucky Wildcats #FreeEnes" with my remains. Sure, I'll need to gain 300lbs so there is enough dust to do that, but damn it, this is UK we're talking about! No old man is going to show us up.

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